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1535 E Yosemite Ave.

Suite 103

Madera, CA 93638

(559) 416-7303

First Five Madera 

The First Five Madera project focusses on Indigenous parents/families who have children 0 to 5 years old. CBDIO provides parent sessions to support them in strengthening their parenting skills. In those sessions, CBDIO emphasizes the importance of positive parenting practices and provides a space where families can share their experiences and knowledge. The sessions are hosted in person in Madera County. 

The Indigenous Interpreting Project

The Indigenous Interpreting Program is a dedicated initiative aimed at breaking down language barriers and improving access to essential services for the Indigenous communities from Oaxaca and Guerrero. We recognize that language should never be a barrier when receiving the support and care one needs, especially in critical areas like healthcare and legal assistance. The Indigenous Interpreting Program promotes equity, and improves the overall well-being of our Indigenous community. By offering interpreter services and informing our community of their language rights, we empower individuals to access the services they need, make informed decisions, and live healthier, more secure lives.Together, we bridge the gap, ensuring that no one in our community is left unheard orunderserved because of the language they speak.

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