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Help Make a Difference 

The Binational Center for the Development of Oaxacan Indigenous Communities (CBDIO), is a non-profit organization, created by The Indigenous Front of Binational Organizations (FIOB). Since its foundation, FIOB and CBDIO have been consistent organizations in making known the presence and existence of our indigenous migrant communities. Emphasizing the economic contribution, the cultural and labor force that they contribute to this country.


For the past 27 years CBDIO has worked and continues to achieve the well-being, equity and self-determination of our indigenous communities.


In these difficult times, we reinforce our commitment to continue working for our indigenous migrant communities. Most of them their main work is agricultural work, packing and domestic work, which at the moment are considered essential work. Due to the recommendations issued by different levels of government, this has affected their working hours, thus reducing the income they need to support themselves and their immediate needs and that of their families.

We recognize the work they do, to ensure that the population of this country has what it needs to survive. Thus, we also know the disadvantage they are in because they do not have the rights that correspond to them. Following the values that our ancestors have inherited us, let us practice solidarity and mutual support among ourselves. Thus, we invite you to join us and contribute with your financial donation to support our community that currently needs us.

Other Ways to Donate

We also accept any donation in the form of a money order or personal check. Please send your donation to Centro Binacional para el Desarrollo Indígena Oaxaqueño or simply to CBDIO. We can provide you with a receipt for your tax deductible donation. Your donation can be for one month, one year or for the duration of your choice and in accordance with your financial possibilities.


For check donations, please mail to:

2911 Tulare St,

Fresno, CA 93721

If you have any questions, please email us at

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