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Greenfield Programs

Xina Naa Vali / Nacao Sñia Program / Children First

Our program focuses on working with indigenous families who have children 0 to 5 years old, offering classes about the development and stages of children's growth. We also carry out activities that support parents in other areas. Though we use a nationally recognized curriculum called "Abriendo Puertas" we also make sure to incorporate the customs that our parents taught us and also different activities in our indigenous languages. In this program, members of the Triqui and Mixtec indigenous communities participate, as well as other parents who only speak Spanish.

The objectives of these classes that we offer to our indigenous communities is for parents to share, learn, be independent and get involved in the lives of their children, make sure that those who are in charge of providing services to children, do so in a efficiently and culturally appropriate manner. This will help make our indigenous children more successful.


CBDIO also collaborates with other agencies and organizations that serve the community to ensure that our indigenous families participate and benefit from the services they offer. For example, we are collaborating with the Adult School of Gonzalez so that they can offer Spanish classes for people who want to learn to read and write; English classes are also offered. Another example of the collaborations we have established to better serve the indigenous community is that the food bank distributes food to 200 families once a month. CBDIO is an organization that is working with our community and also serves as a resource for other agencies that need to better serve indigenous communities.


Join CBDIO in strengthening

indigenous communities.

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