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We have worked tirelessly to support the Indigenous immigrant farmworker community through the pandemic. Even though their work has been deemed essential, farmworkers have not been provided necessary protections in their work place, access to health care, housing, and other essential services.  In this critical context, CBDIO has organized for our communities' dignity and respect and informed the multilingual community of their rights.

Currently our staff speaks four indigenous languages and 13 unique variants of those languages, such as Mixtec (8 variants), Zapotec (two variants), Triqui (two variants), and Tlapaneco (indigenous language from the state of Guerrero).


COVID-19 Education in Indigenous Languages 

We have developed COVID-19 educational materials in indigenous languages and collaborated with groups across the state to better inform the indigenous community. Last year, we were part of the Farmworkers Initiative with Listos California. 

Indigenous Community Relief Fund  

COVID-19 Testing

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